By Margarete G. Roberts
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College names Dr. Peter A. DiLorenzo athletic director. DiLorenzo, a resident of Mickleton, Gloucester County, requires values-driven athletics at Camden County College and combines brains with brawn.

DiLorenzo brings 20-plus years of experience and athleticism to the department and has served as assistant professor of health and exercise science at CCC since 2002.

As athletic director, DiLorenzo’s goal is to change the “dumb jock” culture and stereotype in athletics at CCC. DiLorenzo is avidly working to stress the importance of academics in athletics by monitoring academic performance to ensure CCC athletes are maintaining “decent” grades and a minimum GPA of 2.0 to qualify for academic and athletic scholarships to four-year colleges.

DiLorenzo says he “played baseball for two years at Gloucester County College before earning a full academic and athletic scholarship to the University of Richmond.” DiLorenzo’s personal experience and thoughtful insight into “how the process works” defines him as a leader and mentor to students. DiLorenzo’s new voluntary community service program for athletes confirms his commitment to values-driven athletics. DiLorenzo says, “I want our athletes to get out into the community and help anyway we can.”

Christopher Cornaglia, 20, of Glendora, a sophomore at CCC and former high school athlete, says, “I am pleased with changes in athletic attitude. Greater emphasis on education and service to the community will mutually benefit CCC students, college and community.” About community service, Cornaglia suggests “more students, not only athletes may want to serve if they knew of these opportunities.”

More changes in CCC health and exercise science include an intramural program designed by DiLorenzo to generate an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie available to all students. The purpose of the intramural program is to give students the opportunity to participate in CCC activities on campus, while waiting to go to class or work. DiLorenzo states, “Intramural programs offer students the opportunity to meet new friends and exercise in a friendly competitive manner.”

Many students have expressed disappointment the Wellspring Fitness Center has limited hours. Students may be unaware the Wellspring Fitness Center is an independent entity and not part of the Athletic Department. Its primary purpose is to serve as a teaching lab. Camden County College would need a larger and independent fitness center similar to Rowan and Rutgers University to accommodate the demands of student schedules. At this time there are no plans to build such a facility.

Intramural fun and competition abound at a flag football game Thursday on the Blackwood campus. By Cathy Poston, Camden County College

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