By Alysha Benejan
CCC Journalism Program

Since the summer of 2011 Camden County College has been undergoing a tremendous amount of construction to better the college. These construction projects will continue through the 2011 fall semester.

The steel is going up on the construction of the science and classroom building on the Blackwood campus. By Alysha Benejan, CCC Journalism Program

The Blackwood campus of CCC has been the campus most affected by the construction projects. Three major projects are under way at the Blackwood campus, The Ring Road project, the new science and classroom building and the renovations to Taft Hall, and the repaving of many of the parking lots. The Camden campus is building a Starbucks in the bookstore. There are no construction plans for the Cherry Hill campus in the near future.

Many students cannot wait for these construction projects to end, especially on the Blackwood campus. “I can’t wait until this construction is over. It’s making it impossible to get to the different buildings,” said Jenise Rivera, a Camden County College student. These construction projects should be done or near completion at the end of the 2011 fall semester.

Attempts to contact the administration for comment were unsuccessful.

The construction of the Starbucks on the Camden campus has not interfered with the students traveling around campus because the Starbucks is being built in the bookstore. “I haven’t been bothered with the construction since I never have to go down there,” said Eliezer Feliciano, a Camden County College student.

These projects are a remedy to some of the problems that have arisen on the campus. The Ring Road project circles the “academic core” at Blackwood to greatly improve the traffic problems and to make it possible for the students never to have to leave the college campus when driving from building to building. The science and classroom building is well under way. The building will be 107,000 square feet and will be three stories high. The first full semester for using the building is said to be the fall of 2013. The Taft Hall renovation will commence as soon as the science facility has been finished. The renovations are planned to take anywhere from eight to 12 months and are planned to be open in the summer of 2013.

The Starbucks on the Camden campus is almost completed.

The college plans to add more parking lots within the next several years to help alleviate parking problems.

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