By Evelyn Fisher
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Construction cones, work trucks and special parking were all that was needed to get people wondering and asking questions about what was going on recently at Camden County College in Blackwood.

“Academic Core” is what officials are calling the new project at the college. For students and staff it is also called the “Ring Road”.

As of Oct. 20, this is the sight at Camden County College in Blackwood as construction workers try to wrap up the end of the ‘Ring Road’ project. By Evelyn Fisher, CCC Journalism Program

The idea for this project is to improve traffic around the campus by permitting drivers to drive around the whole campus without going onto the main street to go on the other side of the campus. Even though it may be helpful when it’s done, the scene is “messy” for students trying to get to and from classes. The scene consists of undone sidewalks, mud spots by the workers and the wheels from the work trucks, and the smell of horse manure. On the other side of campus it continues with big tractor trucks and men hard at work.

The project is not only for the drivers here at the college, it is also for the ones who walk. The sidewalk also is to go around the whole campus without the students having to walk on the grass or in the street.

The master plan has been in place for years and is intended to improve safety for students, says Ron Garbowski, who works with the construction department. “Peter Cheeseman Road caused a lot of accidents, because the speed limits are higher out on the main roads, but on campus they’re slower,” says Garbowski.

The Ring Road is approximately a mile and three fourths, but only a half mile was added to the existing layout. “Overall the Ring Road cost about $6.8 million, which is funded through bonds and also the county,” says Garbowski.

The project started in July 2011. About two months after classes have started, it is said that “The Ring” work is coming to an end. Only a few more adjustments have to be done, such as the lighting and the exterior sidewalks.

Alex Troccoli, a student at Camden County College in Blackwood, says about the Ring Road, “It’s kind of annoying, and it makes me late sometimes, but i guess it’s good.”

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