By Evelyn Fisher
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Camden County Cougars will be playing their neighbor Gloucester County College Roadrunners in the first game of the season at 7 p.m. Nov. 10 at the Gloucester County College gymnasium. This game will be the one of the important, because it is the season opener and these two teams have history. Most of all it will show how the players have been practicing and what they can bring to the table.

Lou Abbattista, who is head coach of the men’s basketball team at Camden County College, says. “This is a rivalry game, because most of the kids know each other and played together in high school, which makes for a good game. I do not think Gloucester has an advantage over our team, it is still early to tell, but playing on home court is always an advantage.”

As to who the star of the team is, he says, “I don’t believe in using the word star, but I think Sam Washington, Tim McDaniels and John Chesmond will be the ones who take the leadership. I hope every night there will be a different scorer.”

Washington, a sophomore point guard for the Cougars, says he’s “preparing for the game by taking practice one day at a time.” Even though he doesn’t have any friends on the opposing team, he still pushes himself to do his best. That includes practicing jump shots before his practice starts. “I have a couple of players on the team I’m closer to than others, but all and all our team is family. I try and play the hardest I can, because I know since we’re all family I must try for them,” he states.

Camden County College may have lost 70 percent to 80 percent of its scorers from last year, but in the long run this team can be good. With a lot of practice and determination, they may get their spot back in the rankings of a Division III county college.

Sam Washington (left) and Nate Boyd (right) prepare for the sesaon. By Evelyn Fisher, CCC Journalism Program

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