By Alyssa DeLio
CCC Journalism Program

Now that you are out of high school, do you often find yourself missing participating in sports? Well, then Camden County College’s Intramural Sports Program is just what you are looking for.

The Intramural Sports Program is being touted as a great and convenient way to keep active and meet new people on campus, along with having a less intense schedule so you can keep your daily school and work life balanced.

Camden County College’s Athletic Department will be offering two more intramural sports throughout the rest of the school year: basketball, which will begin at the end of February, and volleyball, which will start at the end of March. Students do not need to try out for these teams; everyone who is interested may join freely. Also, no amount of skill is required or expected from those who register; the skill level of participants varies. Athletic directors do their best to uphold a competitive, yet fun, environment for each team.

Not only can students join, but staff can, too. Members of any age group who are affiliated with Camden County College can enjoy the school’s intramural program and may register in the Athletic Office. Emails will be sent to all students notifying them of the registration locations in January.

“Dr. Peter DiLorenzo (athletic director) and I will be actively promoting our intramural sports the first two weeks of the spring semester in the student center. We will have an information table set up in the Connector Building, between the Student Center and Madison Hall,” informed Bill Bartley, assistant athletic director.

Intramural sports sessions will be held two days per week for a four-week period, and games will typically last two hours per day. Bartley said the Athletic Department is planning to offer basketball and volleyball on Monday and Wednesday this spring semester, and the hours will be either from 1 to 3 p.m. or from 2 to 4 p.m., depending on “facility availability and student needs.” Basketball and volleyball games will be held on the basketball courts in the Papiano Gym.

Bartley also stated, “Intramurals will be an integral part of our Athletic Department. We serve over 120 students in our seven NJCAA sports. Our three co-ed intramural programs (football in the fall semester, basketball and volleyball in the spring semester) will allow many more of our students the opportunity to participate in a safe, supervised team sport environment. Our Athletic Department staff look forward to our spring intramural season. We welcome feedback from our students and staff with any suggestions they may have to encourage participation.”

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