By Douglas Goldspiel
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College offers certificate in recording classes for all students to take to help become a recording engineer for music. The certificate offers several classes, including midi training (which is a keyboard based sound medium), hands-on recording classes, as well as lecture-based instruction. Each semester the hands-on classes are given some local talent to come in and record a song for free to help students learn.

This year’s talent is one of the classes’ classmates. His name is John Gaspara, 33, and this is his first year in the certificate program.

Dave Downham, the professor of this Introduction to Recording class, states, “Every year we try to either find a local band or something to record for them to learn on. Although there is much to learn in this field, most is better done trying and experimenting to learn what gives you the best results. This year luckily enough we have a student in our class that can play every instrument. This means that we will be able to attempt to mic up and record all types of instruments without having to go out and find people to come in, especially at this specific time.”

The class expressed excitement when asked if they felt this would be a helpful thing for them. Justin Miller said, “This will be a perfect opportunity to learn how to do some of the things that have been troublesome for me in the past. It also will be fun watching one of our own classmates play. It is not all the time do you wind up in a class with someone who can play all those instruments.”

Doug Cassel added, “I have heard him play before and he is awesome. It is really a treat to get to learn and listen to someone play so well. This course is really helpful in learning how to grow as a recording engineer.”

Gaspara will be recording next Thursday, Nov. 10, in the 6 to 8:30 p.m. class. He will record many instruments, including drums, guitar (electric and acoustic), electric bass and vocals. All the students in the class will learn techniques such as mic placement, interface connection, hardware and software, creating click tracks and metronome settings, track creating, track settings, track naming, and the final steps of mixing and mastering.

This is a view of inside the control room where class is held and students are taught use of the program logic. By Douglas Goldspiel, CCC Journalism Program

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