By Douglas Goldspiel
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Jamie Myerson, who teaches such classes as Introduction to Audio and Midi 1 for students looking to get a degree in sound engineering or just to learn some sound engineering techniques, is more than just a professor at Camden County College. He also runs the Camden County College radio station, 91.5 WDBK, and owns a business in Blackwood.

Jamie Myerson smiles while making a quick joke to get started with a lesson. By Douglas Goldspiel, CCC Journalism Program

He believes owning a recording studio in Blackwood aids in his knowledge of the subject to help teach his students

“I don’t have kids, and I am not married. It allows me to have a more open and flexible time schedule,” laughed Myerson as he was pressed about managing the time for all of the things he does. Myerson started off as a musician and gained his love for all things revolving around music through playing. Later the technology aspect of music caught Myerson’s eye and he began to learn engineering.

“There are three types of musicians,” Myerson explained. “You have your listener who just loves to sit down and enjoy someone else’s music. The players who are the ones who know how to play the instrument, whether it would be singing, playing guitar or banging on the drums. The last one is the technical musician, who allows for the music of the player to transport their music in a transportable form to many listeners. I feel like being a part of all the fields in the area whether it’s teaching or recording I’m able to connect all three types of listeners, because that’s what I do. If I stay connected between all of these three things I myself can become a larger presence within the music scene and my name will get out there.”

With these three tricks in Myerson’s book, he is able to incorporate what he does on a daily basis into his teachings for a hands-on experience. “Although I was unable to do it this year I think it is a great opportunity to get some of the local musicians into a class session and teach the students hands on how to record a band,” he said. Although for some this may be a startling experience Myserson believes it to be “as nerve wracking for the students as the musician.”

Justin Miller, one of his Introduction to Audio students, says, “Jamie is really a great professor. I can really connect to him on many levels because he knows firsthand some things that I have troubles with or dealt with either recording or playing live.”

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