By Margarete G. Roberts
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Raymond A. Yannuzzi, 63, of Philadelphia, has served Camden County College for 11 years; this is his sixth year as president. Yannuzzi came to the presidency of CCC in 2005 with a vision to incorporate advancements in technology to enhance academic programs; this vision continues to be at the forefront of his plan for CCC.

Raymond A. Yannuzzi is in his sixth year as Camden County College president. By Margarete G. Roberts, CCC Journalism Program

Many students want to learn more about the timeliness of the $83 million Blackwood Transformation Project, which began in 2005 and will continue through 2015. Some students who plan to graduate or transfer before 2015 have expressed concern they are paying tuition now and will not be here when the transformation is complete.

Yannuzzi wants CCC students and the community to know “there are many excellent opportunities for students, graduates and their families to take advantage of and stay connected to the CCC community. CCC not only offers classes, but camps for kids, concerts, theater, professional certifications and personal enrichment. The Blackwood Transformation Project will provide cutting-edge technological resources for education, state-of-the-art learning environments, and ease of accessibility to and from classes for students and the community.”

Yannuzzi has degrees from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, Johns Hopkins and Catholic University. He served area community colleges for more than 40 years before coming to CCC. While in Baltimore, Cincinnati and Delaware County, Pa., Yannuzzi served as a teacher of English, department chair, dean and vice president.

The New Jersey Council of Colleges honored Yannuzzi in 2005, with the Community College Spirit Award in recognition of his exemplary service to state community colleges. He has been acknowledged for his instrumental role in forming the Shipyard College Consortium with Philadelphia-area colleges to help retrain employees from the shipyard and advance other economic development activities. Yannuzzi’s partnership with other area community colleges began 15 years ago and remains constant today in the interest of continuing education for all individuals.

John L. Pesda of Berlin Borough, professor of history, political science and philosophy at CCC, has worked at the college for 39 years and has seen many changes. Pesda says, “Yannuzzi is a most effective leader; he has his ego under control. Yannuzzi is fair and knows the CCC campus, what is happening on the ‘factory floor,’ and knows the people – administration, faculty and students.”

Yannuzzi encourages all CCC students to “look around and see all their college has to offer now and be a part of the CCC future.”

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