By Raquel Castrataro
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – “Use a bigger brush!”

Kay Klotzbach, associate professor of the arts at Camden County College, resides in Lindenwold, N.J. and Rehoboth Beach, Del. on the weekends. Klotzbach has been a part of the Camden County College family for 11 years and has been a very influential factor in the arts program, teaching painting and design.

The door of Kay Klotzbach’s office, Lincoln Hall L005, offers a message for visitors. By Raquel Castrataro, CCC Journalism Program

She graduated from Moore College of Art & Design with a bachelor of science degree in art and Norwich University Vermont College with a master of fine arts degree in visual art.

Klotzbach always intended to follow her passion and become an artist. After telling her parents about her career choice, they convinced her that teaching may be a better option. Klotzbach decided to take their advice and taught in a number of schools, starting in the elementary level. She soon realized that teaching young children art was not quite the path she envisioned for teaching and decided to apply to be an adjunct.

After teaching at numerous local colleges and helping their art programs grow, she decided to attend the Mid-Career Fellowship Program at Princeton University. The Mid-Career Fellowship Program is designed for teachers to further their education and lasts one year. Klotzbach studied an ornament course on gothic architecture and Buddhist culture and ritual.

She won an award in 2007-08 for her research project on the viability of the MFA degree as it applies to promotion and tenure of visual arts professors at community colleges.

Despite all of her accomplishments, nothing made her light up quite like her students. Klotzbach said the best part of her career is community service. In 2009 her class, accompanied by her, did a mosaic piece for the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. She said community service is the best part “because on-site work shows the students that it’s possible.” She’s talking about doing what you love.

She stated, “Find your passion, what you love and do it or else you won’t last.”

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