By Gina Turdo
CCC Journalism Program

As the seats filled up in the Civic Hall Wednesday, Nov. 16 at the Camden County College Blackwood campus, Rutgers University History Professor William Gillette looked eager as students filed in.

Gillette came to CCC to speak of his knowledge of New Jersey’s involvement in the Civil War. A handful of students and adults showed up to hear Gillette speak. He covered areas and counties that we all know as home today, sharing new information that made many realize “home” had more of a historical impact than they ever could have thought.

Gillette expanded on the political issues of slavery, expansion, unionism and dissent not only on a national level but also as New Jersey’s involvement.

CCC student Jillian Graham was shocked at what she had learned hearing him speak. “I’m not well educated on history as it is. It was interesting to hear new things about where I’ve lived my whole entire life,” Graham said.

Graham also mentioned that Gillette’s energy was one of a kind. “I knew he really knew what he was talking about, and most of all he really loves it and sharing it with others,” Graham said.

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