By Alysha Benejan
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Blackwood campus at Camden County College just held the comedy production “The School for Wives” starring Stephen Bonell in the Little Theatre, which holds true to its name.

This production was brought to the college by Stages at Camden County College. This play was written by Moliere, a comic play writer, and adapted by Richard Wilbur. This play was directed by Marjorie Sokoloff. The production was not only a serious play but a comical one as well, which was executed by a small outstanding cast.

The play, which was two hours long and rhymed each one of its stanzas, is about a man who wants to mold his future wife into a simpleton to obey and honor him at no cost. He wishes to be one of the few men in his town to not be a cuckold.

“ ‘The School for Wives’ demonstrates to what ludicrous lengths man will go in his attempt to control an uncontrollable universe and what kind of ironic comeuppance is bound to be his reward,” Sokoloff said.

“I really enjoyed the play. It was funny and something out of the ordinary. I really enjoyed that all of the lines rhymed with one another. That was different,” said Eliezer Feliciano, a CCC student who saw the play.

The theater was filled with 27 people. Because the theater is small, it is very easy to be able to see the stage no matter where a person would like to sit. It is a very intimate theater and it is extremely easy to get lost in the play and enjoy it quite deeply.

Bonell is a veteran of Second City, off-Broadway productions and “The Guiding Light” television soap opera. He is the first Guest Artist of the Actors’ Equity Association in Camden County College history. The other people who appeared in the play are student and community members Paul Brodo, Sean Casey, Maria Panvini, Tim Rinehart, Melissa Rittman and Ian Taylor.

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