By Christopher Knause
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Camden County College Library is in the process of completing major upgrades to its computer programs.

Many of the upgrades workers have been putting into the computers are the 2010 versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint so students can use them to complete assignments. Another upgrade is attempting to make the system for printing documents for all the computers easier and quicker for students. The library is also upgrading its website so students can search for books and sources the library doesn’t have but will be available online.

Barbara Laynor, a director of the library, says, “These new upgrades will help benefit the students because with these new renovations, students can search for more books much easier, they can print much better now with our new printing system, and also the fact that the 2010 versions of all Microsoft programs are in place for students to do their assignments with. I believe with all these upgrades, students will enjoy these programs and the library as a whole.” Laynor says the upgrades should be finished by the spring semester after workers get the new printing system into the computers.

Many students have taken notice of these new programs. One, Anthony Latrella, who uses these computers daily to do assignments, says, “I love that the library is making new upgrades to their computer programs because now for students and for myself, they can access the computers much better now without any hassle and for me, I can do my assignments for my classes very quickly and efficiently.”

“Students are realizing this and they will see once these programs get underway, they will be skipping away to those computers and seeing how great these upgrades will be,” Laynor says. She also explains students can find out more information on the college website at http://www.camdencc.edu and on the library website. “I can’t wait for these programs to be installed in our computers. It makes my job much easier now that students can access these programs more efficiently now,” says Laynor.

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