By David Bolles
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Students and teachers from Camden County College came out this season and donated coats to keep people warm this winter.

Coat drives have traditionally been a way for organizations to get poor people the clothes they need to get through the winter and this year at Camden County College was no different.

The annual coat drive at Camden County College this year lasted from Nov. 1 until Dec. 9. Its purpose was to get members of the college community to donate new or gently used coats to people in need. This year, the college collected 136 coats donated by students and faculty at the college.

“It’s a great idea to have a coat drive for the people who need it. I wouldn’t want to be cold during the winter,” said Dan Ballas, a second-year student at the college.

According to the Office of Student Life & Activities at Camden County College, this is the eighth year the school sponsored a coat drive and every year has been more successful than the last. The coat drives are held every fall at the college. The office is looking forward to next fall in hopes of getting even more donations than this year.

Students like Kelly DiMarco, a second-year student at the college, showed they were happy to help out in people’s times of need. “It is nice to know that the coat that just sits in my closet will be able to go to a good cause. I like to help others out when they need it,” DiMarco said. Other students showed the same attitude as they donated coats they rarely used or just didn’t want anymore.

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