By Lauren Smith
CCC Journalism Program

Some may be unaware of the fact that music is considered to be therapeutic for our health.

Music may have harmful and beneficial effects to human beings. It depends on which type of music is used.

Music therapy was first noticed back in the Greek and Roman era when people experimented with certain sounds. It never really became a “healing remedy” until hospitals during the world wars noticed patient progress when musicians were brought in as entertainment for hurt soldiers. This led to the growth of music therapy by many people who were intrigued by the concept. Ira Altshuler, MD, Willem van de Wall and E. Thayer Gaston brought music therapy to the profession it is today.

Music is used in many ways for helping patients get better. It is used from patients with cancer all the way to children with ADHD. It is said to exercise the brain waves using the different tempos of music so that it strengthens that part of the brain. It is also shown that music is a stress reliever and it is also used to make people have positive attitudes.

It is not necessary to use certain types of music to have better health. It is said that if you listen to the kinds of music that you like, whether it be pop, rock, heavy metal, etc., if it relaxes you and brings you to a positive state of mind, it is considered therapy.

Music therapy is also used to help maintain a healthy stress level. The world has more than 5,000 musical therapists who are able to evaluate your taste in music and suggest songs that will ease your stress levels.

Music also helps in vaginal births. Studies show that women who listen to music during labor often become more relaxed and have less pain because it serves as a distraction from the chaos.

For more information on musical therapy, visit the American Music
Therapy Association’s website at http://www.musicaltherapy.org.

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