By Zachary Brooks                                                                                     CCC Journalism Program

Some people ask where is Waldo.

Camden County College students ask where is the Wellspring Fitness Center.

Towards the back of the campus, The Joseph Papiano Memorial Gymnasium faces away from the rest of the campus. It is not near any entrances, and the lettering on the building is easy to miss.

Once inside the gym, one will find the Wellspring Fitness Center immediately adjacent to the basketball court. Half of the Wellspring Fitness Center was converted from a storage room, as evidenced by the prominent air duct. The other half was converted from a wrestling room.

The man in charge is Dean Derman, the manager of the fitness center.

“It’s not an official title, but it works,” he said. He has worked at the college for 18 years and has a zeal for exercise.

Three certified personal trainers assist in the operation of Wellspring. “The fitness center offers personal training on a limited basis,” said Derman.

Wellspring is equipped with a lot of modern exercise equipment, more than is listed on CCC’s web page. The webpage hasn’t been updated in a few years, said Derman.

Some of the equipment does show signs of wear or age, like some of the dumbbells and a few weight machines.

Derman estimated that 150 to 200 students use Wellspring each week and that the ratio of men to women who use Wellspring is 70/30.

He was quick to add, “it’s not a muscle head gym,” expressing regret that women might feel it’s more of a guy zone.

The Wellspring syndrome among students seems to be unawareness of its existence.

“No, I didn’t even hear about it,” said Dave Capone, a health and science major in his first year at CCC.

“I never actually heard of it until now,” said Josh Wallowitch, a music major in his second year at CCC.

For those who know and use Wellspring, their opinion is favorable.

“It has enough equipment to work out with,” said Anthony Decaro, a computer graphics major in his second year at CCC. Decaro uses Wellspring a few times a week and heard about it from his Tae-kwon-do instructor.

Wellspring advertises by listing on CCC’s site. There is a monthly schedule printed for current or potential Wellspring users.

Derman said he is not privy to any future plans for the fitness center by CCC.

“At the present time, it is what it is,” he said.

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