WDBK is the radio station voice of Camden County College run by college staff and students. It has been on the air since 1977 and offers a diverse programming format for students who want to pursue a career in radio.

The station plays all kind of music. The most common genre played is any kind of rock, pop, and hip hop. Obscure genres played are Indie, techno/club, and electronic.

Starting at 10 AM, a disc jockey begins playing music on the station. This occurs from Monday to Friday, but not Tuesday. Tuesday mornings have broadcasting about news and sports. An automated system plays music when a disc jockey is not on the air.

The station area is located in Room 108 of the community center. It looks like a recording studio filled with lots of CDs different kinds of music.

Some students live to be heard. Disc jockey and first year student Anthony Mazziotti said, “Ever since I was little, I wanted to be on the radio like Preston and Steve.”

It is a common radio station for any student with a dream for broadcast.

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