By Tina Sharesky
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College will be experiencing a shift in its internal structure on March 5 when the dean of enrollment moves to take a new position on campus.

Jacqueline Baldwin, the dean of enrollment, while still a dean, will be taking a new unnamed station on the Camden County College campus. This internal alteration will officially take place on March 5.

The change comes on the heels of a large shift in the inner core of the campuses’ infrastructure that began when three of the college’s vice presidents retired.

“I think that the entire infrastructure of the college is going through a change, but of course that is just speculation,” Baldwin said during an interview on Wednesday. “I have been here for 38 years and been a part of both structures. As long as the students have a voice then any structure will work.”

Camden County College has had two structures in its administration. The first structure consisted of one president, one vice president, a line of deans who stood as a voice for students and directors who reported to those deans. The second and current structure consists of one president, five vice presidents, a line of deans and directors who report to those deans. Recently though, three of the five vice presidents retired and it was an executive decision not to fill those positions once they were empty. Baldwin’s boss was one of those who retired, so with this retirement Baldwin’s position will change.

Baldwin’s position will not be filled by someone else and the title of dean of enrollment will no longer exist. The next person to fill the enrollment shoes will be referred to as manager of enrollment services. Baldwin will switch buildings and while she does not know exactly what she will be doing she said she feels she will be working to better organize the services made available to disabled students.

Baldwin hopes to retire within the next few years and while she said she is sad she will no longer be a part of the physical hub of the college she loves helping students and will do anything to continue doing so.

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