By Rich Iacuzio
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The parking lot at the Blackwood campus of Camden County College never sees a dull moment. Whether it’s good or bad, something always seems to be going on within the lot. Still, no matter the level of difficulty, everyone has a story to tell when it comes to the parking at CCC.

Andrew Zoccola, who is in his third semester, had a horror story about the parking lot. After his classes, he got into his car and began to proceed toward the exit of the parking lot. As he was exiting, a car hit his car, sending him into a spin.

“I seemed to be more upset about the whole parking lot situation. It seems so unorganized to me,” Zoccola said.

Looking back on the accident, Zoccola still believes parking at the college still lacks organization.

“I believe it’s terrible. It’s like parking in Philadelphia,” he said.

He added he began to dread coming to the school. He doesn’t mind the work, he dreads the parking.

Sam Finkelstein, another student at the college, had another horror story to share about the parking at Camden County College.

“It’s impossible to find a spot after a certain time,” Finkelstein said.

Accidents such as Zoccola’s not only hold up the people in the accident, they also hold up the people behind them. Finkelstein added he has been delayed many times by several accidents in the parking lot.

“It seems like the accidents in the parking lot are not handled correctly. Whenever an accident occurs, it holds me up, and it’s made me late to class a handful of times,” Finkelstein said.

Some people see the worst of the lot, but some see the bright spots. Lee Forman, a “veteran of the college,” has been attending Camden County College for quite some time. He believes since he has been there for a while, he knows all about the parking lot.

“I’ve learned when to get here. I take early classes, so the parking lot is empty when I roll around early in the morning,” Forman said.

Forman knows getting to the lot early helps him find a great spot, but also thinks Lady Luck is on his side. As to finding a spot, Forman stated, “Maybe I’m just lucky. I feel good when I can find a front row spot every morning when I get here.”

This picture was taken around 9 a.m. on a recent weekday. Even though it was still early in the day, the parking lot at CCC looked already to be full to capacity. By Rich Iacuzio, CCC Journalism Program

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