By Jason Ciecka
CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College will be offering non-credit courses for the 2012-2013 semesters. The college is offering these programs for students who want to get a feel for other areas of study without affecting their grade point average. The school also will be offering courses in the field of dance, updating their productivity with new technology, and introducing an area of study called Green Energy.

The Camden County College website states the college wants to be the first choice for an institution when a person wants to further their learning in life.

The school will be offering new courses in what is called Green Energy. This curriculum is based on a field that will use alternative sources of energy to create new job fields for unemployed students. The courses are also intended to be fun for students.

The school will be offering courses in dancing and the arts for students.

Matt Macmillan is a computer system technology student in his second year at Camden County College. He stated, “I don’t see the point in taking a course that you wouldn’t get any credit for if you did well in it.” MacMillan also stated, “I might take a course if they weren’t charging normal course prices for it.”

The school will be offering the non-credit courses for the same price as a normal three-credit course, according to the course handbook. A normal class at Camden County College costs about $100 per credit.

Dave Reynolds, a business administration student in his last semester at Camden County College, also doesn’t see the point of taking non-credit courses. Reynolds stated, “The courses seem like an OK idea if they didn’t charge for them. Paying too much money for something that won’t affect my grade. I also don’t have enough time in my day to take any more classes.”

Although these students don’t want to take any of these courses, apparently many others do. The school’s website states that every year more than 12,000 students and 50 companies in the college area go to the school for further personal and career developments. The noncredit courses are certificate courses that people can take to earn accomplished degrees in various fields. Some of the certificates are in emergency medical technician study and eco-friendly energy. The students who take these courses are unemployed and are looking to get into a new career.

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