By Cody Molowski
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Jamie Myerson is a professor at Camden County College. He teaches several music and audio courses. He is also the station manager of WDBK, Camden County College’s radio station. Myerson’s life revolves around music and the music industry.

Myerson is a graduate of Washington Township High School. After graduating from high school, he went to Gloucester County College. After completing his associate’s degree, he transferred to University of Hartford and got his degree in music business administration.

Right after graduating from University of Hartford in 1996, he signed a record deal with Columbia Records and a publishing deal with Universal Music based out of England. In 1997, Columbia Records released Myerson’s electronic record.

“Not a lot of people know this about me, nor do I tell a lot of people, but I signed a record deal with Columbia Records after graduating from college,” Myerson says.

Since then, Myerson also put out two independent releases of his work.

Student Melissa Friend, who is studying broadcasting and plans to transfer to Rowan, says, “Jamie has been very helpful in teaching me about radio broadcasting.” Friend has not had Myerson as a traditional professor; her only connection with him is through WDBK. Over the past two years, Myerson has been very influential and helpful to her. He has also helped other students at the radio station learn about the industry and how to run a radio show properly.

Keith Abrams, a former student of Myerson who is majoring in music business administration, has said, “Professor Myerson is very insightful in the music industry; his knowledge has helped me know what I want to do with my career.”

After having his music produced, Myerson then looked to start a production company. In 1999, he lived in Los Angeles and started his company. In 2004, he brought his production company back to Blackwood, N.J. and has had much success with it in New Jersey.

Myerson produced a record for artist AM, whose song “Running Away” appeared in an episode “I Kiss” of “I Carly.” Recently he has been producing audio for several commercials in Europe and a commercial for Twix in the United States.

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