By Milan Ervin
CCC Journalism Program

Nikky Lynne Keller, 21, graduated from Camden County College last spring and is now attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, majoring in broadcast journalism.

While attending CCC, she was a part of the radio program offered on the campus. There she helped produce the news.

“I’ve always been interested in radio from the time I was a little girl,” Keller stated.

The New York native relocated to South Jersey when she was 13 years old.

“It was while I was still living in New York where I realized that I wanted a career in radio,” she said.

She attended Eastern High School in Voorhees, N.J. While in high school, she was a part of the newsroom.

“I was co-anchor of the school’s morning announcements and I really enjoyed the experience a lot and it helped me grow a lot as a person pursuing a goal,” she said.

Keller decided to attend Camden County College because she thought it would be best if she attended a community college first to save money.

“I had older brothers and sisters who attended Camden County College and they now have promising careers so I figured that I would give the campus a try as well,” she stated.

She knew she wanted to be involved right away on campus.

Once she graduates from Rutgers, she said she would like to get a job at a workplace in Manhattan where she has an internship. Right now, however, she said she is very involved on campus at Rutgers.

As to where she would see herself in five years, Keller said, “I would hope to hopefully move out to the West Coast very soon and start laying the stepping stones for my career out there. I’ve also dreamed of having a career in California.”

Keller encourages all young people to pursue their dreams. She said she is a work in progress but she promises to stay determined with her goals and not let anything get in the way of all the progress she has made.

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