By Jason Ciecka
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Allison Green is a triple threat; she is an actor, director and teacher.

Green grew up in the small town of Wilbraham, Mass. Her dad was the biggest influence in her childhood; he was even her inspiration to become a teacher. He set the example for her to want to give back for everything she had in life.

She has degrees from New York University and the Tisch School of the Arts. She also has a massive acting career spanning over stage, camera and voiceovers. She also has training from the Royal Shakespeare Company, London University, Central School of Speech and Drama and many more.

Aside from being an actor, Green is also a director. She has directed more than 40 performances and more are on the way. She is the coordinator of the performing and communication arts programs at Camden County College. She also teaches public speaking and oral interpretation. She is also the artistic director for Camden County College’s Readers’ Theatre.

Green started teaching at Camden County College in 2007. She took the job as a way to settle her life down. Then three weeks later, she was named the coordinator of the performing arts. She went from teaching one class to being the head of 14, so much for settling down.

This was OK, though, because Green loves teaching. Her students can always look forward to her smiling face and being called “sweetie” as they enter the room. She treats all of her students as if they were her own children. She always takes the time to help each student with any questions they may have.

Aside from teaching at Camden County College, Green has taught at Penn State University, Rowan University, Philadelphia University and many more.

The greatest inspiration in her life is her parents. She has her father’s strong personality, and her mother’s continuing to see all of the miracles in life.

She is also an avid supporter of breast cancer awareness. Most of the big fundraising speeches that she gives are about it. She speaks from experience; she is a six-time survivor against the disease.

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