By Anthony Rizzo
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Tim Looby is a 21-year-old student attending Rutgers-Camden and majoring in history (education). He is in his first semester at Rutgers-Camden after spending five semesters at Camden County. After receiving his associate’s degree from CCC, he was able to transfer all 63 of his credits toward his major at Rutgers.

“The transfer process was easy; it was just a matter of applying, getting accepted, and having transcripts sent, all of which was easily done online,” Looby said.

He chose to attend Rutgers-Camden because after researching it, he felt it was a good school and he knew a few friends who are enrolled there. He credits Camden County for allowing him to get used to the college setting and environment, which made the transition between schools much easier for him.

Looby also said the campus size of CCC and Rutgers-Camden is comparable, both in sizes of the class and the number of buildings the classes are in. However, that is where the comparisons stopped. About the work, he said, “Camden County is very laid back compared to Rutgers … The courses at Rutgers are much more difficult and the difference in workload is big. There is way more work due for my Rutgers classes.”

Only three more semesters remain at Rutgers-Camden before he can continue to pursue his career in education.

Information about transferring to Rutgers can be found at http://www.rutgers.edu, which includes campus tour information, the ability to create a custom brochure based on your interests, and more information from student bloggers and prospective students.

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