By Vincent Vernacchio
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Even as a child Alana Reichfeld knew she had a budding interest for photography. Now she is hosting her first solo show, “A Retrospective of Photography.” The show, slated for April 21, is going to be held by the Ritz Theatre Company in Haddon Township, N.J.

“Any show is an accomplishment, but I definitely consider this my biggest accomplishment to date,” said Reichfeld. “There are definitely feelings of both excitement and nervousness. The thought that it’s all my work is pretty nerve-racking, but it’s exciting being able to have my own show this early on in my career.”

Reichfeld has also shown in the student show at Camden County College last year, the Cherry Hill Arts Board’s Fall Photography Show in October 2011, and was a finalist in Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s 32nd Annual Fall Photography Contest. An image created by Reichfeld was chosen to be published in PFM’s Best of College Photography 2012 book. About 18,000 entries were made to the magazine, and only 1,196 were chosen as finalists.

“I’ve always loved the idea of capturing a single moment in a still frame forever, and that moment in time always being stuck in that moment,” said Reichfeld. “For as far back as I can remember, anything I would take, people would tell me I had ‘the eye’ for it.”

She has been interested in photography for about eight years now, but it blossomed about six years ago. She plans to be a photographer for life, aiming to achieve a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts for photography. She intends to extend that further by attending graduate school for photography.

“CCC’s photography department has definitely progressed my skills as a photographer. I’ve been able to hone in on my own style and really develop into the photographer I want to be,” she said. She noted superb guidance from the professors in teaching her how to be a better photographer and advancing her overall skills.

When not focusing her lens on school, Reichfeld does other photography gigs. She is a mentor in the Camden County College photo lab and does freelance work. She feels it helps her gain experience while bolstering her portfolio. “It also establishes a reputation for yourself and your style,” said Reichfeld.

Reichfeld feels her tedious work pays off. “From start to finish, I was able to create this photograph and perfect it anyway that I want to,” she said of the satisfaction of completing a print. It is the satisfaction of knowing she gave it her all.

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  1. I very much enjoyed this article from beginning to end. I honestly felt as if I really gained a sense of Alana Reichfelds true love for photography and everything that goes along with that; including her accomplishments as well as her overall determination for succeeding. The article was concise, well written and worth reading. A job well done!

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