By Evgeniya Sokolova
CCC Journalism Program

“Bread and circuses.” That is what people craved in Rome 2,000 years ago, that is what people crave today, and that is what Camden County College foreign language learners got on March 6.

As a part of celebrating the foreign language week, Spanish and French professors invited their students to see a double feature and enjoy tacos in the CIM auditorium.

There were plenty of both – food and show.

Some students came to see only one of the two movies, some stayed for both, and hardly any refused dinner. A second-year Spanish student, Kirsten Lawrence, said she enjoyed both the movies and the food.

The event was sponsored by the Office of Student Life & Activities and the Language and Culture Department. Office of Student Life & Activities secretary Renee Pollard said her office paid for the food, while the Language and Culture Department bought the movies.

The event started at 5 p.m. with the French movie “La Vie en rose,” which literally means “Life in Pink.” Although it was mostly for those who study French, many Spanish students showed up early in order to see it, including a second-year student Matt Metsinger.

Metsinger said it was convenient that the movie was shown with English subtitles so that everybody could understand it. “Nueve Reinas,” or “Nine Queens,” the movie in Spanish, also had English subtitles.

The 10 extra points that they would get at the end of the semester were the selling point for two first-year students, Ramele Hessou and Elenm Gbedey, who study French. They were among many who came for an extra credit, but stayed for the movies.

Professors who organized the event were happy with the outcome.

Spanish professor Elise Favilla said she was glad that “so many students showed up.”

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