By: Melissa Wilson

CCC Journalism Program

The men’s basketball team at Camden County College has made it to the Region XIX Division III championship two years in a row, and lost both times.

The past two seasons, which have been lead by coach Lou Abbattista, have been the most successful basketball seasons at CCC since 1990.

Abbattista is focused on more than just individual wins, however.

“I’m building a program. When you win people want to come play for you. Simple as that,” he said.

At the first practice, 40 people from 4 different states showed up. Abbattista is on to something.

CCC is going into the 2012-13 season without 6 guys from last season but Abbattista knows somebody will step up and be able to play at their level.


2012 Men’s Basketball Team with Coach Lou Abbattista

There are no star players who might get special treatment or extra playing time under Abbattista’s reign.

“The guys were a pleasure to coach last year because they really bought into the concept of being a team. We won a lot of games that way,” he said.

Veteran team member Steven Wade agrees with Abbattista’s coaching style, and said his favorite part of being on the team wasn’t the 52 wins but being on a team with players who got along and understood the game.

Abbattista lets the two straight losses in the division championship motivate himself and his team.

“My players work hard on and off the court, and I am expecting this season to be a very successful one,” he said.

Wade is also excited about the upcoming season and believes the added athleticism from the new guys will be a tremendous help.

When asked about predictions, the 6’9” forward played coy and would only say “We definitely want to win a lot and take this season deep into the playoffs.”

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