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Art and the Community

The students enrolled in the new “Art and the Community” course at Camden County College are putting together a mosaic for the Blackwood Campus’ new science building.
The mosaic is composed of hundreds of hand-cut and hand-polished pieces of glass assembled closely together to resemble a DBA structure, models of which they had shipped from Florida.
These students, under the guidance of Professor Kay Klotzbach, have been assigned this task without having to have any sort of prior experience in producing mosaics or any background in art.
Although the course requires no prerequisites, the students of “Art and the Community” will be assigned several assignments that have to do with improving or updating the aesthetic of the campus.
“I found that students took what they were learning in class much more seriously when they were actually applying it something they were doing for others,” said Klotzbach.
While the Fall 2012 semester will be the first that “Art and the Community” is being offered by CCC, Klotzbach and her former students have been reaching out to improve the localities in the past with work with the Garden State Discovery Museum, the New Visions homeless shelter and the Cathedral Soup Kitchen under her belt.
By the end of the semester, Klotzbach expects her students to be able to cut, glue and grout glass professionally, and each student will have created their own panel for the mosaic, along with a final project for themselves in which they hypothetically invent and pitch a creative project idea to a client.
“I feel everyone has a creative side that is just lying dormant, screaming to get out,” said Klotzbach.
One of Klotzbach’s former students, Suzanne Morgan, has applied her abilities to help create a mosaic on top of a bench as a 9/11 tribute in Medford’s Freedom Park to commemorate the park’s 10th anniversary.

– Autreen Rahbari

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