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Hitting the Books at the Tutoring Center

By Kim Broomall
CCC Journalism Program

The tutoring centers at Camden County College offer free help to struggling students.

Located in the libraries at the Blackwood, Cherry Hill, and Camden campuses, these centers help a combined average of 100 students daily, according to information at the help desk.

Tutors are available for more than 120 subjects, most of which are courses related to English, math, science, or other languages. Students may walk in at any time, excluding those seeking help for American Sign Language classes.

Danielle Ryer, a psychology major, said many positive things about her experience at the Tutoring Center at Blackwood. Ryer, 21, sought help for English and math classes.

“The tutors helped when I needed it and encouraged me to do extra research on the side if needed,” she said. “They helped me understand concepts more so it didn’t feel like I was parroting things from the book.”

Ryer said she felt as if they encouraged her to take her education further, but said that she believes the center wouldn’t be able to help students who are not serious about their studies.

The tutoring centers hire outside staff, teachers, and even current students. One such student-tutor is Charles Marchione, a computer information systems major.

Marchione, 28, began tutoring at the Blackwood Campus in January and sees six to 10 students daily for computer literacy and programming help. “Most are newer to computers and need somebody who will patiently go over with the material with them,” he said of his students.

Though Marchione finds the job rewarding, he believes that the most difficult part is the frustration of knowing he can’t help more than one person at a time.

If a CCC student wants to become a tutor, they must complete an application and get a letter of approval from one of their professors.

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