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Camden County College New Recruits

By:Cynthia Jones

ccc journalism class

Camden County College women’s basketball team, the Lady Cougars, recently brought in 7 new recruits.

The Lady Cougars recruit all year round, bringing in as many players as they can as each new season begins.

Entering her third season as head coach, MaryAnne Light says she’s excited about all of the recruits.

New recruits include Ayanna Williams, Mercedes Williams, Jennifer Kline, Siani Blackson, Sha-Maine Rudolph, Kathleen Velez, and an unnamed player.

Although all recruits are talented, ironically one in particular stands out.

Siani Blackson, a point guard from Camden high school, is set to have a break out year.

“She is only 4’9” tall, but a force to be reckoned with.” says Light.

The recruiting process consists of the head coach going to high school games, speaking with different teams, and talking to potential players fit for CCC.

The recruiting process doesn’t stop there; once new players are committed to the team they are entered in a summer league to start playing together.

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