By: Cristina Chillem

The Camden County Men’s Baseball team has been hit at home with a few hard balls lately. When the big snow fell down on our cars and walkways, it also covered the entire baseball field. The whole team came out for five long days of shoveling. Together, they finally cleared it. Their dedication was tried again the past few days, when the relentless rain turned their field to mud. So they practiced instead, at the local baseball academy.

The team’s perseverance speaks for itself through their impressive 12-3 record. There is no slack in these boys’ eyes, who are proud of being ranked 7th in the state. Their spirits seem as high as the sun, which is shining boldly down upon them as they warm up on the field.

Clearly the boys’ field is their home. So how will they feel playing away tomorrow in Tom’s River against Ocean County? Head coach Kevin Bouillon says with a smile, “ As long as the weather is good, we couldn’t care less.” He is confident in his boys, who have been practicing so hard. “They’ve been playing well. We’ll do fine if we just execute and concentrate on the things we can control.” He said to look out for Adam Satanoff, the freshman pitcher starting tomorrow.

These boys are ready to give you a win to cheer for! Come out for the game tomorrow and show your support. It begins at 3:30pm on Thursday, March 25. They are playing against Ocean County College in Tom’s River.

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