BLACKWOOD- Camden County College art professor Patricia Meeder recently provided insight into her appreciation of art.

Meeder has been teaching art at CCC for nine years. She teaches an art appreciation course, and three years ago, added an art history course to her resume.

Meeder is an adjunct, splitting her time between CCC and Cumberland County College, where she teaches the same courses.

In 2000, Meeder graduated from CCC and earned a bachelor’s degree in sculpture with a minor in art history from Rutgers-Camden. In January 2008, she completed a master’s degree in liberal arts, with a focus on art history. Her master’s dissertation was about the studies of Greek art.

In addition to teaching art courses at two colleges, Meeder enjoys sculpting. Her stone work-of-art she calls “Clio: Muse of History” can be found in Lincoln Hall.

Meeder would love to teach sculpture on a regular basis. She taught a sculpture class in the continuing education class program.

She said teaching the class “was very rewarding.”

Meeder will continue to convey her knowledge of art to the students of CCC and Cumberland County College. She will be adding an online art history course at Cumberland that should be running this fall.

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