By Jamie Eglin
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Parking complaints remain after construction intended to address them concludes on the parking lots on the Blackwood campus.

At 10:45 a.m., prime time to be on campus, the side of Madison Hall has rows of open yellow spots not being occupied by teachers. By Jamie Eglin, CCC Journalism Program

If you are a returning student to Camden County College, you will instantly become aware of the many changes that have occurred to the campus. If you are a first-time student, you will learn the college has undertaken a major change to the parking lots.

If you are a Camden County College student, you have most likely felt the anger of spending time driving around campus to find a spot.

Whether it’s a half an hour later into class and you’re sweating and out of breath, complaining to your classmates how far you parked, or rolling down your window asking someone if they’re leaving to park in their spot, these are the common concerns about the Blackwood parking lots. The parking lot has become such a major issue from students being late to class and getting $25 parking tickets for parking in teacher’s spots, that renovation has taken place to organize and enlarge the parking lots in the hope of solving these matters.

Some of the renovations leading to construction and complaints are an inner drive along the interior perimeter of the campus. Also, a new “Campus Walk” is in the process of being completed. More spots have been made, said Capt. John Schuck of Public Safety, but some students’ opinions differ.

Rachel Robin, a nursing major at the college, said, “I drove around for 30 minutes trying to find a spot and I failed. As I was driving around, the new spots that were made this semester are rows and rows of yellow spots.”

Schuck stated, “These changes to our campus are supposed to beautify the campus for your safety and enjoyment. If students are having trouble finding parking, I advise them to leave a half an hour early to assure parking.”

As a result of the construction, many of the walkways on campus are under development.

Angela Lobis, a communications major at the college, mentioned, “I have nighttime classes and with the lack of light overseeing the parking lots and not many people around, I get scared walking to my car.”

One thought on “Parking construction ends, complaints persist

  1. After enduring the many inconveniences associated with the construction, I wonder if all the time, money, and hassle was worth it in the end? When I first drove on to campus at the beginning of the semester I was expecting to easily find parking, however I realized that even though another parking lot is available there is still not much parking closer to classes.
    Thus the issue at hand is not that there is not ample parking, but rather that there is not parking more convenient to students. Even during the hustle and bustle during the construction, there was plenty of parking offered by the lot across Peter Cheeseman Road. What was lacking was the students who were willing to have a longer walk to their cars.

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