By Matt Reese
CCC Journalism Program

Nearing completion of her second semester at Camden County College, Julianna Owens, 19, is working hard to move on to a 4-year school. A very bubbly woman, she enjoys shopping, going to concerts, partying and hanging out with her friends.

Owens graduated from Clearview Regional High School in 2010 and attended the University of West Virginia in the fall. After the fall semester, she left West Virginia and began attending CCC Blackwood in the spring of 2011. Transferring back home has allowed Owens to be around her family and friends.

Since coming to CCC, Owens has been getting her general courses out of the way. “I’ve had to take mostly general courses. I don’t like reading and writing, but my favorite class has been psychology,” said Owens.

Next semester Owens is looking forward to taking classes more geared toward her major. After leaving West Virginia, she changed her major to nursing and is anticipating the new classes in the spring. “I would like to become a RN (registered nurse). I’m really looking forward to taking more science and nursing classes in the spring. Hopefully then I will be able to transfer,” said Owens.

After the spring semester, she plans to transfer to a 4-year school, but hasn’t made up her mind. “I haven’t really decided where I’m transferring yet. I want to stay close to home, Rutgers is my top choice,” she said.

While CCC may not have the amenities that a 4-year school has, Owens is glad she decided to attend school here. “I’ve learned a lot of skills that will help me in the 4-year university,” Owens said. “I got a lot of my general courses out of the way for much cheaper than at West Virginia. The classes I take next semester will put me closer to transferring and getting my degree.”

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