By Anthony Rizzo
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – If you were to take a trip to Camden County College for the first time, you would notice a lot of construction is going on. What you wouldn’t notice is how much easier it is to travel around the campus compared to years past. One of the main reasons for this is the addition of what has been affectionately dubbed by students and faculty as the Ring-Road.

The Ring-Road runs around the perimeter of the campus and allows you to drive around the entire campus without having to leave it, which was not possible before its construction. It makes traveling to the various buildings that make up the campus much easier and also has parking spots to shorten up the walk to class.

Other improvements were construction on College Drive and the construction of exits on Route 42 to make traveling to the campus more streamlined. About the construction of the new exits on 42, CCC student Melanie Lewis said, “I really enjoy the exit due to the fact that there’s only one light. It makes it way easier to arrive to school on time because I’m not stuck behind people that can’t drive or stop right when the light turns yellow.”

The reduction of stop lights from four to one is the main reason it has become much faster to travel. It also makes getting home much faster because you are able to leave College Drive and get right onto 42 without having to wait at a light.

College Drive also has its show of flair with the addition of a new electronic message board. The board bisects College Drive and the Ring-Road and ensures anybody entering the campus will read its messages. It displays registration dates, sporting events, school plays and the friendly reminder not to park in the yellow spaces.

A new electronic message board bisects College Drive (left) and Ring-Road (right). By Anthony Rizzo, CCC Journalism Program

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