By Andrea McKeffery
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Camden County College library recently added a collection of eBooks to its study materials. Many worry this could direct less traffic to the library, but library officials say the opposite may happen.

Student Samantha Long explains the easy concept of eBooks. By Andrea McKeffery, CCC Journalism Program

For more than 10 years the Wolverton Library has been building a collection of eBooks to add to its assortment of resources. At first the library was given a budget to invest in the eBrary collection only for resources. Since the collection became so useful, it recently added regular books. Library officials wanted to target the students who were working off-campus.

“We are always trying to improve the system in the best way we can to benefit the students,” said Laurie Baggett-Heuser, Camden County librarian.

The library’s website allows patrons to go online and search for books. The concept of eBooks is easy to understand. Librarians offer demonstrations for those who want extra help.

However, because the new collection of eBooks is so convenient and easy to use, this may not direct traffic into the library anymore. The eBooks add a variation of different books from what are in the library, which is why they have been so successful for students.

“The eBooks were a great add to our library, it requires no downloading of software and was a big hit with the students,” said Debbie Drachman, Camden County librarian.

The college made it clear it is not worried about losing loyal students from the library to the eBooks. They believe it may lead more students in.

“Many students don’t have the resources to do research at home; the eBooks allow them to easily find what they are looking for right in our library,” said Baggett-Heuser

The Wolverton Library plans on expanding the collection of eBooks to focus more on the criteria offered at Camden County College. Expanding the variation of eBooks means expanding the budget; however, since the school has had such a positive feedback, things are definitely looking up.

Samantha Long, a student at Camden County College, said she likes eBooks. “I find the eBooks really useful,” Long said. “I often find myself stuck when it comes to finding good resources for a paper, and the program is so easy to use.”

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