By Vincent Vernacchio
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Priority registration is scheduled to begin in two weeks. Beginning April 9 and running through April 15, priority registration affords students the ability to choose their schedules for this coming fall semester early, before new students enter the college and impede the process. Payment for the classes registered is deferred to July 9, 2012.

The service is a perk designed for returning students. If students’ balances are paid in full, they are eligible to choose their schedule during the period. To use priority registration, they have to have knowledge of their webadvisor account information. The advisement office can aid students in accessing that information if they do not know it. A link to the webadvisor page can be found on the college website’s home page at the very bottom.

Many students believe priority registration gives them the ability to get the schedule they think will be the most convenient for them. Michael Hawco, a physical education/sports management major, believes it helps him get the perfect schedule for his needs. “You get early pick on classes, so you get the classes you want instead of getting stuck in some class that messes with your stuff,” said Hawco. The early registration helps him get into classes that go along with his work schedule.

However, out of the 50 students asked about their use of priority registration, only 20 said that they utilized it. Seventeen students were clueless as to what it was. Carly Swiderski, a liberal arts major, said “I’ve neve.r even heard of that and I’ve been here for three years.” She tends to pick her classes mid to late July, and she feels satisfied with her schedules.

Eight students interviewed were in the know about priority registration but decided not to use it for one reason or another. James Ackerly, a computer braphics major, stated, “I just put it off until the end of August, but everything works out fine.” He said it comes down to his “amazing ability to procrastinate.”

Whether capitalized on or not, advisement on deciding which classes to take is occurring from March 26 to April 6. The school advisors will aid students who are unsure of what classes they need to take for their major and which electives would best supplement their development toward their profession.

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  1. I thought this to be very informative! Partly because I was interviewed and didn’t even know what priority registration consisted of. Other then a few spelling errors (which we all make), I think this article was factual, was written in a way that made sense and humerous because James Ackerly really does procrastinate everything he ever does. Great job!

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