Kelly DeMarco
CCC Journalism Program

College is a time to further a student’s education to prepare them for his or her future.

However, working, going to school, and spending time with family can be a stressful act to juggle.

How does one find balance?

Perhaps the student needs to rejuvenate his or her body by experiencing relaxation and physical and mental wellness.

Walking into one of Kim Berni’s hatha yoga classes might be the answer.

According to Berni, “Hatha is  the umbrella under where all other physical disciplines fall.”

She has been teaching as an adjunct professor at Camden County College for 17 years and initially got into yoga because she had back problems and needed some relief.

Yoga helped her.

“My body strengthened and my mind relaxed,” she said.

Some of her students also have felt physical benefits from hatha yoga.

Gabrielle Getchell, a 21-year-old sophomore at CCC, gained back her strength through yoga, “I am in my second semester of the yoga class. When I first started I was pretty stiff and not as flexible. I played tennis for 6 years and quit my senior year of high school. So getting into yoga helped build muscle and strength I lost from tennis. Now I am in my second semester, and I have built muscle and strength in more ways than I did from sports. It’s a great class and very relaxing. Good for stressful days as well.”

Others have felt that yoga has influenced them to become a healthier person and to eat nutritional meals like 21-year-old sophomore Carolyn Schmidt.

“I feel taking this class has opened my views. Our discussions about health and eating habits have helped me change my diet and eat healthier.”

Not all Americans are aware that there is more to yoga than just being a type of meditative exercise and that it actually is a way of life that improves one’s body by giving it strength, stability, flexibility, and a peaceful mind.

“Most people in this country think yoga is an exercise program. It is a lifestyle. A lifelong practice of expansion and enlightenment. Most of never get beyond the first brick of the first step of the eight-fold path, AHIMSA,” Berni said.

Now think deeply within the core of your brain.

Is making the commitment to stay physically and mentally healthy of any importance?

See how a real yoga class is at Camden County College and check out the video link below of Kim Berni’s Tuesday and Thursday hatha yoga class from 10 to 10:50 a.m. demonstrating the Surya Namaskar and the Vrksasana.


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