By Brittany Gaston
CCC Journalism Program

The Camden County College women’s basketball team does not want a repeat of last season.

The team won five out of 26 games, according to Coach MollyAnne Light.

Light joined the CCC coaching staff at the start of the 2011 season. With the recent misfortune of last season, she has become a new source of motivation for young women such as Heaven Fillmore.

“I always feel like she is encouraging me; she’s my backbone. I feel like she is a second mom,” Fillmore said.

Light’s motto for the team is, “Dedication, desire, and drive.” She said these three things are necessary to be successful on and off the basketball court.

Light said she always knew she wanted to coach basketball.

She played the game for four years at Gloucester City High School and continued to play at Fairfield University.

Light also played for Rutgers Camden.

She believed coaching would give her an opportunity to teach young women about more than just the game. She wants to teach them the importance of education and life skills.

The oldest player on the team, 29-year-old Andrea Forman said, “ She is helping us in general. She is making us good people overall.”

Light wants to give women at the county level “a second chance at the game.”

Some women were never able to play sports in high school, while others who played did not pursue sports at the college level, she said.

Now Light is providing that opportunity for these women to build the foundation for the next step in their college careers.

Her mission is to provide exposure for women who want to continue playing basketball at the university level. She believes exposure is the key to bridging the gap from county college to university.

One way Light is exposing the team is through community service. She shared details of their most recent project, Books for Breast Cancer.

The charity donates books to raise money for breast cancer research. She believes these projects will reinforce one of the most important aspects of the game, teamwork.

From October to March, Light and the team are in the gym three hours a day, six days a week.

When Light is not coaching, she is a guidance counselor at a school in Camden. She also enjoys spending her free time with friends and her dog.

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