By: Cynthia Jones
CCC Journalism Program

Whether it’s to get out of class or to prepare for the future, when asked to participate in the college for a day program the students’ answer will always be “Yes!”
High school students have always visited the Camden County College campus, but starting in fall of 2010 the practice was finally given a name.
Camden County College offers a “College for a Day” program for high school students.

75 percent to 80 percent of students who participate in the College for a Day program attend Camden County College after graduating.
The College for a Day program usually starts between 8:30 and 10a.m., and ends around 1 p.m. so students can return to high school.
The program begins with a presentation from an administrator. Students are then encouraged to take a placement test. The program is free for students, with the exception of lunch. A tour of the college’s campus is given at the end.
Donald Delaney, director of Outreach Programs and Educational Services, said, “Just walking on our campus gives students a perception of Camden County College.”

The high school usually informs its’ students about the program. Most students targeted for the program are high school seniors; a few juniors also could be included.

Students who participate in the program are set up so the only thing they have left to do when they leave is register for classes.

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