By Joel Davidson
CCC Journalism Program

Campus Press

The Campus Press, Camden County College’s student newspaper, can be found in several campus hallways and online, but does anyone read it?

According to a random survey of 30 students at the Blackwood campus, only one was said to regularly read the Campus Press, compared to 15 who said they did not and five who were unaware there was a Campus Press.

A monthly and occasionally bimonthly publication, the Campus Press covers school events, clubs, and entertainment as well as fashion, music, and movies.

Despite the small readership, some say the Campus Press has had a positive effect on its audience.

Bridget Carroll, a senior majoring in communications, said her knowledge of CCC activities improved through reading the Campus Press.

“It’s just a great overview… of what’s happening,” Carroll said, adding that she found the paper’s printed form convenient because she can pick it up on the way to class.

Despite recommending the Campus Press, Carroll doesn’t believe many other students read it. “I think people, especially our generation, will immediately rather go to the website than pick up the paper if they’re looking for news,” Carroll said.

Noreen Peebles, journalist and Campus Press representative, encourages students who don’t read or like the paper to get involved, saying that the staff is always open to ideas or material from other students, either through new articles, new sections, or improvements to the current format.

Contributing to the Campus Press provides several advantages. Peebles said writers get to deal with deadline pressure, interviewing sources, covering events, and ultimately writing a published work, all helpful assets for transferring to other schools, internships in the communications field, or putting together a resume.

Past issues of the Campus Press and more information on how to contribute to it can be found at camdencc.edu/studentlife/campuspress.cfm.

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