journalism 2 002Some Camden County College students believe student government is almost nonexistent, hindering its communication with students.

After asking several students if they were aware that Camden County College had a student government, only a few recognized the organization with many not knowing what its role.

Summer Gonzalez, a freshman and communications major from Sicklerville, claimed she only “heard of student government after someone asked for her vote during a presidential race, but that’s about it.”

“I feel that nobody really knows about student government and that there should be more student involvement,” she said.

The student government is aware of this issue and steps are being taken to establish a firm reputation.

Amanda De Nardo, the vice president of student government, said she is attempting to increase awareness and student involvement not only for student government but for all clubs at the college through use of the internet.

She said she would like to “focus on the campus webpage, a location that is used daily by students for access to WebAdvisor and WebStudy” and take advantage of “informative social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter” to communicate with the student body.

However, De Nardo said that the government itself takes more of a “suggestive role than active role” and primarily focuses on activity planning rather than  addressing student issues and concerns.

De Nardo wishes the college would take student government more seriously and allow student representatives more power and authority when it comes to any issues within the student body and hopes the college would “invest some of their faith in the students who have been dutifully elected be their peers to do just that.”

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