By: Kolbi Paolini

Next time you walk by those colorful booklets with “Summer” written across the front, you should stop and take a look inside.

Camden County College offers a variety of summer classes. The classes range from credit classes to self-enrichment classes.

Students have many opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of taking summer classes. “I took a summer class here before and enjoyed the class a lot, the class was smaller and more personal” said Gabrielle Aslanian, 20, a psychology major, from Cherry Hill.

The average summer class at CCC is either eight, seven, or five weeks long. These classes vary from one to three hours long and the attendance varies from three to four times a week.

“I was thinking about taking a summer class this summer to graduate faster but the hours may not fit my schedule” said Connor Funkhouser, 20, a criminal justice major, from Sicklerville.

Students have a difficult time fitting the tedious classes into their work schedule which is why some choose to take online classes as another solution.

“I go to an out of state college but also applied to CCC so I was able to take an online English class that transferred to my other college” said Jason Kirschner, 22, a sports psychology major.

Students have a variety of options when taking summer classes at CCC. The hours are a disadvantage but the opportunity to check a class credit off your transcript is an advantage.

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