By Maisune Rafeh
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College held a Service Recognition Ceremony on April 17 to award and honor faculty members who have reached teaching milestone years and to bid farewell to those who are retiring.

The ceremony took place in Civic Hall in the Connector Building on the Blackwood campus and started at 3 p.m. This was the 19th Service Recognition Ceremony held at Camden County College. Before entering the hall, the awardees posed for pictures in groups of their recognition. A total of 114 staff members were recognized, including 14 retirees. Two retirees were unable to attend.

Executive Director of Human Resources Rose Coston-McHugh welcomed everyone to the ceremony. After her introductory speech, President Raymond Yannuzzi asked for a moment of silence for the death of Board of Trustees Chairman Kevin Halpern and biology professor Carolyn Szutarski. Michelle Ottinger and Courtney Schottle served as American Sign Language translators throughout the ceremony.

“A few volunteers as well as fellow staff members helped organize this event,” Coston-McHugh said.

Because of the attack at the Boston Marathon two days earlier, FedEx deliveries were interrupted; therefore, the awards for the retirees did not arrive in time for the ceremony. Retirees were to receive engraved, personalized plaques with their name and picture.

Of the hundred staff members honored for their years of service, 31 received the five-year milestone award, 21 received the 10-year milestone award, 14 received the 15-year milestone award, eight received the 20-year milestone award, 20 received the 25-year milestone award and three were awarded for 30 years of employment. These staff members received catalogs from which, depending on their years of service, they can choose a present.

Two staff members received awards for 40 years of service, Barbara Jacobs and Marianne McGurk. They were awarded engraved chairs with their names as well as a catalog from which to choose a gift.

For the second time in Camden County College history, someone received the 45-year milestone award. This award was given to Dr. John D. Stewart II, a physics professor at Camden County College. Stewart was accompanied by his wife of 33 years, Catherine, and son, Collin. “When you’re my age and still breathing you can do anything!” he said. “My 11-year-old son is the reason I continue teaching.”

Barbara Jones and Marianne McGurk were honored for 40 years of service. By Maisune Rafeh, CCC Journalism Program

Barbara Jones and Marianne McGurk were honored for 40 years of service. By Maisune Rafeh, CCC Journalism Program

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