By Jasmine Conyer
CCC Journalism Program

Earth Day 2013 is the 43rd year of celebration for some and first-time celebration for others at Camden County College. “I actually bought my first hybrid car this year,” said student Christina Rizzio.

Like Rizzio, many students on campus have become aware of the need for environmental change. Second-year student Brandon Jones stated, “Although I really don’t know the exact date of Earth Day, I pretty much play my part every day. I make sure I recycle, especially my papers because in college you run through a lot of paper in our 15 weeks.”

To raise awareness and educate about a mass environmental movement, Earth Day is a national holiday that most students at Camden County College take pride in. Rochelle Brown, veteran student, stated it is important to start a green movement at home and on campus, “I spend a lot of hours on campus and I love water but I would love to know what is in my drinking water because I can’t spend money all day on buying water bottles.”

As Earth Day does not get all the rave it did when it originated in 1970, some tend to forget about the holiday, which can leave students wondering if Earth Day is even the same.

“Every day is an earth day to me,” said Rizzio.

“I am trying to live a greener life. I have slowly started switching out to natural foods and I carrying around my own water bottles so I don’t waste any water and I’ve even started walking to school since it became warmer because I only live down the street,” stated Brown.

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