By Jasmine Hendricks
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – With the thousands of students who attend Camden County College in Blackwood, many overlook one of the school’s most significant qualities – that it’s open for day and night classes. So why do some people choose day classes and some choose night classes?

Ngoc Kim heads to her 11 a.m. class. By Jasmine Hendricks, CCC Journalism Program

Ngoc Kim heads to her 11 a.m. class. By Jasmine Hendricks, CCC Journalism Program

Kerry Schotter started taking night classes because it was the only time the class was offered. And she realized night classes weren’t as bad as she thought.

“People told me that night classes were boring and that most kids don’t go to their classes,” she stated. “Turns out that I like the fact that the classroom sizes are much smaller. It means those of us there get more hands-on experience with the teacher and plus I like to sleep in so it works for me.”

As to if there was anything she didn’t like, she said, “No, I especially like that when I’m leaving from my night class that I usually see campus security, which makes me feel like I’m not alone.”

Night classes are a way the school reaches out to more people who aren’t able to make it to school during the traditional school hours, but not every student prefers them. Among them is Tariq Williams, a new student at Camden County College.

“I don’t take night classes. I prefer day,” he said. “I work full time at night so it’s easier for me to do school, eat and then go to work. Plus I’m so used to getting up early for school anyway because I had to do it all throughout high school.”

Williams added, however, “Camden County College is cool, but it seems to me that campus security is worried about harmless things such as students parking in the yellow lines.”

John Warner, supervisor of campus security, said officers provide protection day and night.

“The level of security is consistent for all classes,” he stated.

He notes students should do these five things to help keep themselves and others safe:
1. Drive the speed limit.
2. Call the 24-hour line to report anything that seems suspicious. It’s 856-374-5089.
3. At night try to walk in groups.
4. Review the quick guide in each classroom.
5. Sign up for Cougar Call.

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