By Essence Money
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Aaron Long, a 21-year-old student at Camden County College, found himself as one of the students who figured out he was not fit to take online courses.

Aaron Long, a student, looks for help for his online class. By Essence Money, CCC Journalism Program

Aaron Long, a student, looks for help for his online class. By Essence Money, CCC Journalism Program

CCC offers online classes as an alternative for students who prefer not to sit in class. Students who have busy schedules and find it inconvenient to be in a classroom often opt for online classes.

“I found the online classes overwhelming and underwhelming,” Long stated, “overwhelming because the amount of work was immense and due the same time every week, underwhelming because of the lack of motivation … it didn’t feel like a class.”

Although it was Long’s third semester, it was his first time taking an online class.

“I didn’t know how to check my assignments and became weeks behind my work,” explained Long.

Like most students who opt for online classes, Long juggled other classes as well as his personal life. Long eventually withdrew from the online course. When asked if he would take online classes again, Long responded, “Due to my past experiences, I would have to say most likely no.”

Students need to know online classes are not for everyone. Although students do not have to sit in class, they must still meet criteria. Some students find it harder to keep up in online courses than in the traditional classroom setting.

However, some students can handle the demands that come with online classes.

Sasha Trinidad, a 20-year-old student at CCC, liked her online class. “It was straight to the point, there wasn’t any busy work,” she explained.

At the time, Trinidad was enrolled in five classes on campus, one online class and maintained a job.

“I found the course convenient for my time,” stated Trinidad, “I would actually take another online class on subjects pertaining to reading or writing. Other subjects may be more in depth and require me to be in the actual class.”

To determine if online classes are the best option depends on the student and their preference. Shaquille Flowers, student government president from fall 2012 to spring 2013, knows he will not take online classes. “Online classes are not traditional. I’m not accustomed to that way of learning. I feel like I wouldn’t be as productive as in a classroom,” stated Flowers.

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