By Natalia Panfilova
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – While studying, volunteering for an international club and working at the library, Camden County College student Kareem Lazarus, 20, works toward his dream to become a successful business owner. Two years ago he created a website, which recently attracted more people.

Kareem Lazarus works online during his break in the cafeteria. By Natalia Panfilova, CCC Journalism Program

Kareem Lazarus works online during his break in the cafeteria. By Natalia Panfilova, CCC Journalism Program

Three years ago Lazarus came to the United States of America. Being born in Trinidad and Tobago, Sangre Grande, he said snow was the only difficulty he had to face.

In fall 2011 he decided to attend Camden County College. He plans to graduate next year.

“Here I`m completing my education for a good price. And, hopefully, I will be able to move on to another college or university, maybe Drexel,” Lazarus said.

His major is computer integrated manufacturing engineering technology. “Yes, it sounds difficult when you say it, but it is not,” he said.

Along with his classes, he volunteers for an international students’ club. “I like to meet new people, make new connections. Because I’ve already been volunteering for two years, I know many people from the office and from the club,” he said.

Lazarus also works at the CCC library; however, it is not his main income.

“I’m just business oriented. I work with a couple of business owners. They teach me how to work for myself and create income. Basically, they teach me what to do and not to do,” he said.

In 2011 he started his business online. “So far it is doing good. I’ve been extending in other countries. When you are sleeping, there is someone else up in another country, so they can be buying stuff from your business,” he said.

Lazarus said he recently his website attracted more customers. “My business grew like crazy. I also added more people to the team,” he said. Most of the people he worked with graduated from CCC.

“I like working with him,” said La Neice Davis, a secretary in the International Office. “He knows what he is doing. I usually ask him questions if I don’t know something.”

Charly Muzalier, a student working in the International Office, also builds his business career online. “We use Amazon business model and Facebook business model, and we combine them,” Muzalier said. “Kareem and I are actually from the same group. We are in the same region. But we are not working together. He has his own website, and I have my own.”

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