By Daniel Morley

CCC Journalism

BLACKWOOD- To attract more students to the stands, Camden County College athletics “winning” strategy is just that, to keep winning.

On Nov. 7, the men’s basketball team took on Burlington County College in the Papiano Gym. Fans filled the bleachers as they cheered for the home team.

But just how many of those fans were CCC students?

Fans wait in the bleachers for the game to begin

Fans wait in the bleachers for the game to begin, Nov. 7, Papiano Gym

Peter DiLorenzo, director of athletics, said that there is a strong presence of fans for the Basketball team.

“Normally, we pack the stands every game, anywhere from 250 to 300 people. It’s mostly alumni, family, and friends of the players. I would say about a quarter of the fans are students,” said DiLorenzo.

Fans watching Camden County take on Burlington County, Nov. 7, Papiano Gym

Fans watching Camden County take on Burlington County, Nov. 7, Papiano Gym

DiLorenzo said there are several reasons why more students don’t attending games. The main reason is that many students simply don’t have the time.

“I imagine a lot of the students are at work. They leave after their classes are over and they don’t have time to come back,” he said.

Another problem is not having the resources to market athletics throughout campus. Students can find “Cougars Athletics” pamphlets with information about the department in the Papiano Gym, but DiLorenzo said that isn’t enough.

Cougar Athletics Pamphlets located in Papiano Gym

Cougar Athletics Pamphlets located in Papiano Gym

“The Connector Building has the highest foot traffic on campus, and the only thing we have for athletics is one sign in the book store. The problem is everyone in the office is busy with their daily duties, so we don’t have time to market on campus,” said DiLorenzo.

CCC Athletics sign located in Camden County book store

Athletics sign located in CCC campus book store

Student Dan Martin, who attended the game against Burlington County College, said a friend who plays on the women’s team told him about the game.

“My friend plays for the women’s team, and she wanted to stay for the men’s game. I don’t even know the schedule, I just came because she asked me to come,” said Martin.

Despite challenges, DiLorenzo believes that the department is moving forward. It now has its own website, and also uses Facebook and Twitter.

DiLorenzo said, however, that the most important factor is the team’s success.

“The main thing is that we keep doing well. That is what is going to attract fans. We’ve had a big boost with the men’s soccer team winning the region championship, and that’s what really grabs people’s attention,” said DiLorenzo.

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