By Nicole Morozin
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – With just more than two weeks remaining in the semester, staff and students of Camden County College’s Blackwood campus got their first taste of how they will spend winter break this past weekend with the passing of Thanksgiving.

Among the students is Amanda Tindall, 20, who is in her first semester at CCC. After taking a year off to focus on her work at Tavistock Country Club, Tindall made the decision to go back to school and work toward a degree, which has proved both challenging and rewarding.

“With work and school, I always feel like I have no time,” Tindall began. “But Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity for me to relax. I’m looking forward to winter break for that same reason.”

Tindall continued she spent Thanksgiving with family, although she typically works.

“I enjoyed a classic dinner with family and saw my friends. I was thankful for that, but I think I was most thankful to have off from school,” Tindall joked.

But not everyone enjoyed such a classic feast and relaxing weekend. Student Derek Gertz was busier than ever preparing for his hopeful transfer into the University of the Arts this spring, in addition to attending two Thanksgiving feasts.

After enjoying a classic dinner with his girlfriend’s family, Gertz stated he then enjoyed a steak dinner at his grandfather’s house, a quirky tradition that has arisen over the years.

But despite all of the feasting and fun, Gertz said he spent most of his time working hard, which was only a preview of the very busy break he has in store.

“I know that I’ll spend most of my winter break trying to get all of my transfer work done,” Gertz explained. “After I find out if I’m in, the spring semester will be pretty much here.”

However, students were not the only ones hard at work. Professor James Patrick joked he didn’t just eat turkey over the break, but was also productive.

Patrick claimed he spent much of his time grading everything from midterms to speech outlines, as well as spending time preparing for a Shakespeare course he will be teaching this spring. The prep work for this course, Patrick said, will take up much of his January.

But despite all the work Patrick claimed also to have had a good time with his family on Thanksgiving.

“Breaks are good, we all earn our breaks,” stated Patrick. “I think I earned this one.”

Professor James Patrick looks forward to winter break. By Nicole Morozin, CCC Journalism Program

Professor James Patrick looks forward to winter break. By Nicole Morozin, CCC Journalism Program

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