by Sarah Farng

CCC Journalism Program

Have you tuned into the college radio station? WDBK, otherwise known as 91.5 FM, has been around since the early 1970s, according to Jamie Myerson, the station manager.

Myerson has worked since 2009 to oversee the activities of the station, which he says is run as a no-format, non-commercial student club. “My approach to running the station is focused on music and creativity as opposed to marketing and listener research,” said Myerson.


According to Myerson, students are free to choose how their shows will sound as long as it meets FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and CCC guidelines. “No format” allows students to build shows based off personal interest, as well as to learn music styles from other DJs, according to Myerson.

“We all spend time reviewing new music or researching older artists and releases,” said Myerson. He says the purpose of the station is to provide students with a fun learning experience while taking classes.

According to Myerson, the station is not permitted to solicit advertising, and operations are funded by the college. “This situation enables us to focus on student learning objectives…creative expression and experimentation can be limited when there is a financial objective,” said Myerson.

Students are trained by Myerson to be on air through his “get your hands dirty” method, according to Myerson. Explaining equipment comes on day one, and by day two, students are “in there working the controls,” said Myerson. “I find the best way to learn how to do this is to just get in there and go for it! Learn by doing!” he said.


About 25 students come to WDBK per semester to volunteer at one-hour slots per show, according to Myerson. Student volunteers require no specific major, enabling any interested student to participate, said Myerson. “I’ve had students that were interested in the station for experience, fun, and a social outlet, while others have gone on to further their broadcasting education,” he said.

According to Myerson, students work independently to prepare weekly shows. News and sports can be included, while public service announcements are required “to serve the campus and local community,” he said. Myerson said he realized the station is “a haven” for people passionate about music his first semester at CCC. “I had a student who was a laser optics major…he was also a die-hard classic rock fan,” said Myerson.

His advice for students interested in radio? “Broadcasting students should understand that the radio business is not only the on-air personality. There are a lot of avenues to explore.  There is the technical/production side, the marketing and promotions, the business administration/legal side,” Myerson said. Going after internships or assistant positions is important.

The station is located in the community center, room 110, on the Blackwood Campus.

Stream WDBK by going to CCC or entering this url into a browser or smartphone with a streaming app, and visit the WDBK Facebook.

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